Following in the wake of ‘Hurricane Bertha’, the West Country suffered some pretty miserable weather: the showers were heavy and persistent; the temperature had almost halved from the week before and the winds felt as chilly as those in November. Probably not the best time to choose to go camping then! The week was saved by Friday, which turned out to be bright and warm so Sandymouth beach in North Cornwall – one of my favourites anywhere – was an inspired choice of destination.

01_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSC_8430.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

The previous nights wind and rain had finally blown away to reveal a freshly scrubbed morning – still a little cloudy, but the light (even at Midday) was more than I could’ve hoped for after a week of flat skies and no shadows.

06_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSCF2355.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

Sandymouth is a popular spot, but the beach is so big that you can dodge the crowds quite easily.

04_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSC_8487.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography
If you like a rugged English coastline, look no further. The textures and tones of the seaweed, the jagged rocks and the fold lines in the massive cliff faces make Sandymouth an extremely dramatic location.

03_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSC_8477.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

09_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSCF2391.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

02_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSC_8458.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

05_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSC_8525.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography
When the tide recedes, it leaves behind a variety of rockpools, drying seaweed and basking molluscs. Personally, I like Limpets – like little family groups, congregating together on tiny outcrops of rock.

07_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSCF2376.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

08_Sandymouth North Cornwall_DSCF2382.psd_© Harvey Mills Photography

Fridays good weather continued into the evening, and the long journey Eastwards towards home was broken with another night under canvas in darkest Dorset. Thankfully the stars came out to play and put on quite a show.

Camping_Wootton Fitzpain Dorset_© Harvey Mills

Images shot on Nikon D3S and Fuji X-Pro1

All photography © Harvey Mills, 2014

Harvey Mills is an award-winning professional photographer, whose portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. Although a Winchester photographer he works across the UK and beyond, undertaking a variety of commissions, projects and assignments.