If you’ve ever been, you’ll know what I’m talking about…Rome is incredible! It reminds me of Manhattan: every corner you turn there’s another amazing sight, and you spend a lot of time looking up and gazing in wonder at mans architectural accomplishments. On the downside, Rome is a very busy place – be prepared to queue endlessly, and be jostled by enormous crowds of selfie-stick wielding tourists. On balance though, the good far outweighs the bad, and I can’t wait to go back.

Here are a few street photography images from my recent trip…

An elderly Roman couple resting on a bench on Easter Sunday © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: Easter Sunday afternoon, and an elderly local couple sit and enjoy the warm Spring sunshine]One of the many bridges crossing the River Tiber © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: The warm pastel tones of Rome are stunning. One of the many bridges crossing the Tiber, connecting the Eastern and Western halves of the City]The ceiling of the Pantheon © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: The open domed ceiling of the Pantheon is breathtaking]The aftermath of the Easter Sunday address in St Peters Square © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: Empty chairs at St Peters Square on Easter Monday]The crowds for the Popes Easter Monday address © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: The Pope addresses a huge and emotional crowd in St Peters Square on Easter Monday]The road to the Coloseum is a heavy contruction zone © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: The road towards the Colosseum] The spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: A young woman poses for her partner, who is photographing her from the top of the beautiful spiralled Vatican Museum staircase]Bathed in light from a stained glass window a tourist takes a selfie © Harvey Mills 2016[Above & Below: the curse of the ‘Selfie’]Even Coloseaum Guards take selfies © Harvey Mills 2016 Selfie sticks are everywhere © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: outside the Colosseum walls, gangs can be seen trying to sell cheap ‘sellllfie-steeeks’ to unsuspecting tourists – some are easy prey]Tourists flock to the Spanish Steps area © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: Tourists flock to the steps of the Vittoriano / Altare della Patria]Memorial stones are illuminated by windows © Harvey Mills 2016[Above & Below: the many churches of Rome offer some of the finest and most opulent visual treats]Light beams through a church window © Harvey Mills 2016Statues awaiting transportation © Harvey Mills 2016[Above : Tucked away at the rear of a church, two 6 metre statues await their restoration]Spring blossoms in Rome © Harvey Mills 2016[Above: Spring is a fantastic time to visit Rome]

All images shot on Fuji X-Pro1, using Fujinon 18mm f2 & Nikon 50mm f1.4 + Adapter

Copyright © Harvey Mills 2016