I was recently commissioned to capture a series of environmental portraits of the Volunteers who are involved in the day-to-day running of Winchester Cathedral. The images would eventually be used to illustrate a beautiful Volunteer Handbook designed by Winchester design agency, Ministry Of Fish.

Bell Ringer, Winchester Cathedral

[Above & Below: The Bellringers practice high up in the Cathedral Tower, on a Wednesday evening. The climb to get to the Ringing Chamber is one of the steepest, narrowest set of stairs I’ve ever seen!]

Bell-Ringers_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_8896_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

Calligraphers_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9505_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A Cathedral Scriptwriter / Calligrapher displaying fine penmanship to visitors]

Crypt Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9311_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above & Below: Led by passionate and knowledgeable Tour Guides, The Crypt Tour of Winchester Cathedral is extremely interesting and informative. In Winter months, the Crypt is liable to flooding and the Anthony Gormley statue ‘Sound II’ is often seen ‘wading’ beneath the ancient arches.]

Gormley Statue_Flooded Winchester Cathedral Crypt_© Harvey Mills Photography 2014_1

St Swithuns Statue In Winchester Cathedral Crypt © Harvey Mills 2015

[Above: Deep within the Crypt is the centuries-old statue of St Swithuns.]

Tower Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9761_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: Another treat for Cathedral visitors is the Tower Tour – the view from the top is well worth the spiralled climb!]

Flower Arrangers_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9204_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A lady from the Cathedral Flower Team arranges a colourful display for visitors to enjoy.]

Holy Dusters_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9238_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A ‘Holy Duster’ (believe it or not, that’s what they are called!) polishes an altar in Prior Silkstede’s Chapel off the South Transept.]

North Transcept Bible Story_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9532_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A Volunteer welcomes visitors to the North Transept ‘Winchester Bible Story’.]

St Christophers_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9523_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A St Christopher’s Volunteer at the magnificent Side West Door.]

Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9232_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above & Below: The brilliant Tour Guides bring Winchester Cathedral to life with their knowledge and engaging enthusiasm.]

Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9376_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9413_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9481_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

Treasury Tour Guides_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9465_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: Treasury Tour Guides share a humourous moment on the shoot.]

Visitors Chaplains_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9445_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: A number of Visiting Chaplain’s offer regular welcoming prayers to Cathedral visitors.]

Wardrobe_Winchester Cathedral Volunteers_DSC_9682_© Harvey Mills Photography 2015_1

[Above: The chaos of Choirboys being fitted for their robes is managed by the Wardrobe Ladies.]

Winchester Cathedral Detail Montage

[Above: Various aspects and details of Winchester Cathedral’s stunning interior.]

Winchester Cathedral Volunteers Handbook

[Above: The finished article.]

The sheer diversity of Volunteer roles at Winchester Cathedral is remarkable, and my behind-the-scenes access has given me an insight into how this magnificent building is managed and presented to the public on a day-to-day basis. My thanks go to the Debby and Del from Ministry Of Fish for their assistance on the shoot, and the wonderful Cathedral volunteers, who made my life easier by being incredibly welcoming, obliging and great fun to work with!

Find out more about how to volunteer at the Cathedral HERE.