Towards the end of March, Marc SA Carter (a Herbal Skateboards‘ Team-Rider), came up with the idea of playing a classic April Fools prank. It centred around a skateboard that Marc had drilled various holes in, and painted it yellow to look like swiss cheese. The objective was to try and convince people that the board was, in fact, real and for sale.

A few days before April 1st, Marc and I went out to shoot the main image, and then we put together a spoof advert, which was published on the morning of the 1st, and the fake product was placed on the Herbal site.

To date, several people have attempted to purchase the “Cheese Board”!

Herbal cheese-board red instgram


Harvey Mills is an award-winning professional photographer, whose portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. Although a Winchester photographer he works across the UK and beyond, undertaking a variety of commissions, projects and assignments.