NASS, the UK’s National Action Sports Festival, will once more be held at the Bath & West Showground in July. As well as a host of first class international athletes, the Festival attracts thousands of free-sport and music fans from around the UK and beyond. This year, the skate competition will be run by the International Skateboarders Union (previously run by World Cup Of Skateboarding) with skaters from South America, Europe, USA, Asia and some fine homegrown UK talent taking part.

These are a selection of my images from the last few years, click on each photo for larger size. Enjoy! Hx

Diego Fiorese_Nollie Flip Frontside Boardslide_Nass 2010_© Harvey Mills 2014

 Above: Diego Fiorese destroyed the big rail back in 2010. Nollie Flip Frontside Boardslide.

Dave Snaddon_Kickflip_Nass 2010_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: Dave Snaddon sucks up a huge kickflip over the ever-popular ‘disabled ramp n rail’ kicker in 2010.

Dan McDermott_Overcrook_NASS 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

 Above: In 2011, an outside area called “Street Spots” was built to replicate various iconic London spots. It was the venue for one of the finest displays of competition skating I’ve witnessed on these shores. Dan McDermott, Overcrook.

Rob Smith_Sal Flip_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: This was during the fever of the Street Spots jam in 2011, and Rob Smith nails a crazy Sal-Flip down the massive 14 set. This is one of my favourite shots from NASS and, for me, pretty much sums up the atmosphere of that crazy afternoon.

Leticia Bufoni_Bluntslide_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: 2010 was the year that most of us became aware of a Brazilian female skater called Leticia Bufoni. She blew people away at that comp, showing incredible ability and confidence for such a young and diminutive figure.

Loaded Girl_Nass 2010_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: A girls competition of a different kind. Loaded Magazine held the finals of the ‘High Street Honeys’ contest in front of about ten thousand rowdy (and randy) young dudes. Those girls showed as much courage as the athletes on that sunny afternoon in July 2010.

Ben Grove_Kickflip_Nass 2010_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: Perennial crowd-pleaser, and one of our finest skaters, Ben Grove in 2010.

Ben Grove_Cooling His Heels_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: Ben Grove cools his heels on the Street Spot course. After landing a hard-fought backside 180 over the 14 stair kinked rail, the crowd went beserk.

Amir Williams_Ollie Over Door_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: Brighton’s Amir Williams boosts the doorway in 2011.

Mike Vallely_Warm Up_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: The legendary Mike Vallely made the trip across the pond to compete in 2011. Behind the Pro Course arena, warming up for the Final on a discarded prong from a fork lift truck.

Thaynan Costa_Nollie Front Nosegrind_Nass 2010_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: South American Thaynan Costa was only 17 when he competed in 2011. Nollie Frontside Nosegrind on the Big Rail.

Milton Martinez_Melon Transfer_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above: Argentinean shredder Milton Martinez, Melon Transfer, 2011.

Trevor Johnson_Crail Tweaker_Nass 2011_© Harvey Mills 2014

Above & Below: The UK’s Trevor Johnson warming up for the WCS Final on the outdoor mini-ramp.
All Terrain Trev leads the charge, and was the highest placed English finalist in 2013.

Trevor Johnson_Front Feeble Rock Out_Nass 2013_© Harvey Mills 2014

Shot on Nikon D2xs and Nikon D3s.

All images Copyright © Harvey Mills 2014

Harvey Mills is an award-winning professional photographer, whose portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. Although a Winchester photographer he works across the UK and beyond, undertaking a variety of commissions, projects and assignments.