Several months ago Wight Trash Skateboards had the courage and superb bad taste, to put into production something that every other skate company had shied away from – a penis-shaped skateboard deck. I really don’t think anyones ever done it – even though most skateboarders will have, from time to time, speculated on the the potential existence of such a beast.

Greg Nowik_Bean Plant_© Harvey Mills

As a skate photographer, you get used to weird requests but about a year ago, I got a series of crazy texts from John Cattle, (the man behind Wight Trash), where he told me about Greg Nowik’s new model “The C*ck-O-Doodle-Doom” and how he’d like me to do some skateboarding photography to help promote it. Cattle was very specific about the shot he had in mind – he’d really thought it through so, ultimately, it was my job to try and bring what was inside Johns head to life in a photograph. “I’m going to be bending over by the the bowl, picking up a penny…you know? ‘Find a penny pick it up’?, and Greg’s going to be nose-boning the board right up my backside! And I’ll be dressed like a redneck.” or words to that effect.

Greg Nowik_John Cattle_Wight Trash Skateboards_© Harvey Mills

According to John, the original graphic idea was going to be a printed photograph of Gregs wedding-tackle, but then he saw sense and wanted a drawing instead. Eventually, Jon Horner was approached and asked to draw “a real schoolboy-c*ck-on-the-pencil-case type thing!” enthuses Cattle. The boards were hand-shaped by Ken at A Third Foot, who made two basic shapes: the anatomically correct (?!) version, and the slightly less offensive typical popsicle shape.

Greg Nowik_Backside Nosegrab_© Harvey Mills

We finally got around to a shoot at Eastleigh bowl, during a break in the weather in early October. It was the first time Greg had used the board so it was going to be interesting to see how it skated. Greg is phenomenal, a true legend on the scene, and he got to grips with that weird shaped board in what seemed like minutes – much to the delight of the local youngsters who didn’t know whether to snigger at the board or gasp at Nowiks talent on the transition.

After Greg had warmed up, John got into position on the edge of the cradle, and bent over to pick up a very shiny penny. Once I’d set up, I got into position and Greg proceeded to fly out of the coping and really jab John in the butt! His accuracy was amazing, and he managed to hit Cattle-crevice nearly every time. This was the final shot…

Greg Nowik_Nosebone Cattle Prod_© Harvey MIlls

Following the bowl session, we headed to a nearby DIY street spot for more phallic tomfoolery…

Greg Nowik_Backside Feeble To Fakie_© Harvey Mills

The board has actually been successful in that they had to go to a second production run! Some will be obviously be wall-hangers, but some will have the b*lls to be ridden proudly and unashamedly in public. Mine is hung proudly on my wall.

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Wight Trash. Congratulations to Jon and everyone involved, to survive for a decade as an independent UK skate brand is a fantastic achievement! Head over to their website or Facebook page and take a peek at whats happening across the Solent.

Images © Harvey Mills 2014.

Harvey Mills is an award-winning professional photographer, whose portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. Although a Winchester photographer he works across the UK and beyond, undertaking a variety of commissions, projects and assignments.